RoboCup 2012 RoboCup  
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Abbas Abdolmaleki, Mostafa Movahedi, Nuno Lau and Luís Paulo Reis.
A Distributed Cooperative Reinforcement Learning Method for Decision Making in Fire Brigade Teams

Aijun Bai, Feng Wu and Xiaoping Chen.
Towards a Principled Solution to Simulated Robot Soccer

Andreas Seekircher, Justin Stoecker, Saminda Abeyruwan and Ubbo Visser.
Motion capture and contemporary optimization algorithms for robust and stable motions on
simulated biped robots

Angeliki Topalidou-Kyniazopoulou, Nikolaos Spanoudakis and Michail
Lagoudakis. A CASE Tool for Robot Behavior Development

David Budden, Shannon Fenn, Alexandre Mendes and Stephan Chalup.
Evaluation of Colour Models for Computer Vision using Cluster Validation Techniques

F. Serhan Dani, Tekin Meriçli and H. Levent Akin.
Using Saliency-based Visual Attention Methods for Achieving Illumination Invariance in Robot Soccer

Francesco Amigoni, Nicola Basilico and Alberto Quattrini Li.
How Much Worth Is Coordination of Mobile Robots for Exploration in Search and Rescue?

Frederik Hegger, Nico Hochgeschwender, Gerhard K. Kraetzschmar and
Paul G. Ploeger. People Detection in 3d Point Clouds using Local Surface Normals

Gerald Steinbauer.
A Survey about Faults of Robots used in RoboCup

Huimin Lu, Kaihong Huang, Dan Xiong, Xun Li and Zhiqiang Zheng.
A Robust Place Recognition Algorithm Based on Omnidirectional Vision for Mobile Robots

Jianmin Ji, Zhiqiang Sui, Guoqiang Jin, Jiongkun Xie and Xiaoping Chen.
Simulation Competitions on Domestic Robots

John Morrison, Bill Silver and Eric Chown.
Implementing a Real-Time Hough Transform on a Mobile Robot

Jonas Logghe, André Dias, José Almeida, Alfredo Martins and Eduardo Silva.
Ball sensing in a leg like robotic kicker

José Antonio Álvarez Ruiz, Paul Plöger and Gerhard Kraetzschmar.
Active Scene Text Recognition for a Domestic Service Robot

Juan José Alcaraz-Jiménez, Marcell Missura, Humberto Martínez-Barberá
and Sven Behnke. Lateral Disturbance Rejection for the Nao Robot

Keith Sullivan and Sean Luke.
Real-Time Training of Team Soccer Behaviors

Masaru Okaya and Tomoichi Takahashi.
Evacuation Simulation with Guidance for Anti-disaster Planning

Okan Aık and H. Levent Akin.
Solving Multi-Agent Decision Problems modeled as Dec-POMDP: A Robot Soccer Case Study

Patrick Macalpine, Francisco Barrera and Peter Stone.
Positioning to Win: A Dynamic Role Assignment and Formation Positioning System

Peter Anderson, Yongki Yusmanthia, Bernhard Hengst and Arcot Sowmya.
Robot Localisation Using Natural Landmarks

Román Marchant, Pablo Guerrero and Javier Ruiz-Del-Solar.
Cooperative Global Tracking using Multiple Sensors

Sander van Noort and Arnoud Visser.
Extending Virtual Robots towards RoboCup Soccer Simulation and @Home

Stefan Tasse, Matthias Hofmann and Oliver Urbann.
On Sensor Model Design Choices for Humanoid Robot Localization

Stefan Tasse, Matthias Hofmann and Oliver Urbann.
SLAM in the Dynamic Context of Robot Soccer Games

Yuji Kawai, Jihoon Park, Takato Horii, Yuji Oshima, Kazuaki Tanaka,
Hiroki Mori, Takashi Takuma, Minoru Asada and Yukie Nagai.
Throwing Skill Optimization through Synchronization and Desynchronization of Degree of


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