RoboCup 2012 RoboCup  

Sunday, 24th June 2012 at WTC Hir Auditorium
08:30 Welcome by Symposium Co-Chairs
Address by RoboCup 2012 General Chair 
Address by RoboCup Federation President
09:00 Martial Hebert - Object recognition and modeling in daily living environments
10:00 Frederik Hegger, Nico Hochgeschwender, Gerhard K. Kraetzschmar and Paul G. Ploeger - People Detection in 3d Point Clouds using Local Surface Normals 
10:20 Masaru Okaya and Tomoichi Takahashi - Evacuation Simulation with Guidance for Anti-disaster Planning
10:40 Poster session + Coffee break
11:20 Aijun Bai, Feng Wu and Xiaoping Chen - Towards a Principled Solution to Simulated Robot Soccer
11:40 Juan José Alcaraz-Jiménez, Marcell Missura, Humberto Martínez-Barberá and Sven Behnke - Lateral Disturbance Rejection for the Nao Robot
12:00 Yuji Kawai, Jihoon Park, Takato Horii, Yuji Oshima, Kazuaki Tanaka, Hiroki Mori, Takashi Takuma, Minoru Asada and Yukie Nagai - Throwing Skill Optimization through Synchronization and Desynchronization of Degree of Freedom
12:20 Peter Anderson, Yongki Yusmanthia, Bernhard Hengst and Arcot Sowmya - Robot Localisation Using Natural Landmarks
12:40 Lunch
14:00 Edwin Olson - Multi-Robot Autonomy and the MAGIC Competition
15:00 Okan Aşık and H. Levent Akin - Solving Multi-Agent Decision Problems modeled as Dec-POMDP: A Robot Soccer Case Study
15:20 Angeliki Topalidou-Kyniazopoulou, Nikolaos Spanoudakis and Michail Lagoudakis - A CASE Tool for Robot Behavior Development
15:40 Poster session + Coffee break
16:20 Francesco Amigoni, Nicola Basilico and Alberto Quattrini Li - How Much Worth Is Coordination of Mobile Robots for Exploration in Search and Rescue?
16:40 Andreas Seekircher, Justin Stoecker, Saminda Abeyruwan and Ubbo Visser - Motion capture and contemporary optimization algorithms for robust and stable motions on simulated biped robots
17:00 Patrick Macalpine, Francisco Barrera and Peter Stone - Positioning to Win: A Dynamic Role Assignment and Formation Positioning System
17:20 Jianmin Ji, Zhiqiang Sui, Guoqiang Jin, Jiongkun Xie and Xiaoping Chen - Simulation Competitions on Domestic Robots
17:40 Wrap up, best paper award, and farewell



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