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Disaster rescue is one of the most serious social issues involving very large numbers of heterogeneous agents in the hostile environment. The intention of the RoboCupRescue project is to promote research and development in this socially significant domain at various levels involving multi-agent team work coordination, physical robotic agents for search and rescue, information infrastructures, personal digital assistants, a standard simulator and decision support systems, evaluation benchmarks for rescue strategies and robotic systems that are all integrated into a comprehensive systems in future.

Built upon the success of RoboCup Soccer project, we will provide forums of technical discussions and competitive evaluations for researchers and practitioners. Two projects and leagues, Simulation Project, Robotics and Infrastructure Project, Simulation League and Robot League, are concurrently proceeding at present. Integration of these activities creates digitally-empowered international rescue brigades in the future.

For more information, please check the league's official wiki: