Sponsored Leagues : Logistics League by FESTO

With the continued goal to approach an industrial application in a challenge for university students the Logistics League sponsored by Festo has been added to the approved RoboCup portfolio. After two successful years of demonstration 2012 will bring forth the first world champion.

The steady increase in worldwide transport tasks asks for improved autonomous solutions. Following the RoboCup spirit this league’s objective is to enable scientific work in order to achieve a flexible solution of material and informational flow within industrial production using self-organising Robots.

This next evolution of Automated Guided Vehicles calls for new technologies to overcome present non feasibilities. At present, the competition envisages a kind of hardware-in-the-loop simulation method, i.e. there is a flexible simulated production hall with integrated real mobile robot systems having the task to create an efficient material flow to provide a high rate of product deliveries in due time.

A team consisting of three robots has to solve the logistic challenges of an almost unknown production system. On two 5 x 5 m competition areas, teams compete for the most efficient solution resulting in the highest score. The Logistics League is based on the robot platform Robotino®, featuring standardized actuators and with a 40 x 40 cm size. Participants face no limitations in terms of sensors and their approaches to program the robots. This interdisciplinary challenge in the fields of Mechatronics, Computer Science and Logistics has to be answered with a flexible yet precise autonomous solution to deal with out-of-order machines, express goods, changing delivery gates and a random machine distribution.

Additional Documents

Download of the Simulation software:

Download of programming software Robotino View:

Special Offer of Festo

For this special event, Festo Didactic offers teams who want to participate a unique opportunity:
Apply now - we will have our facebook community then decide about the winning team, which will be a happy owner of 3 x Robotino packages with a total value of 10.500 € for the participation at RoboCup 2012 in Mexico!


Registration is only possible after confirmation of your pre-registration by the League Chair. The pre-registration is a kind of final qualification process for participation at the RoboCup. Since we have not yet a
Requirement list we will admit each team interested in taking part of the Logistics Competition.

Confirmation of pre-registration will require following information about your team:

  • Name of the team
  • Name of the University
  • Name of the team leader with email address and phone number   
  • Estimated number of team members

Please send the pre-registration data or the filled out enclosed form
• pre-registrationform.doc
to the League-chair: Dr. Ulrich Karras, email: