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About Mexico
Mexico City

The WTC Mexico City is located close to many office buildings, hotels and a multitude of restaurants that span the full spectrum of prices. A value meal runs for about $5 USD (McDonald’s, Burger King, etc.), while restaurants offer dining options from $8 USD at the lower end to about $30 USD (or even more) at the higher end.

For example, the “Palacio Restaurante” located a few steps away from the WTC (right next to the Poliforum Siqueiros) offers complete meals for around $100 MX (about $8USD) and can sit up to 135 people. Within a few steps of the WTC one can find a Burger King, Domino’s Pizza, Starbucks, Italianni’s, and many other dining options. For those that are willing to pay a premium in exchange for an exceptional meal, there are many prime restaurants also within walking distance. Among those options the restaurant Bellini stands out. It is located in the round structure at the top of the WTC office building. It features a revolving platform from which the customers can appreciate spectacular views of the city. Its menu is one of the most highly rated in the city. Inside the venue there is a restaurant that can serve up to 250 people simultaneously, and a coffee shop.

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