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Mexico City

There are multiple reasons why the members of the MEXICAN ROBOTICS FEDERATION are convinced that the INTERNTATIONAL EXHIBITION AND CONVENTION CENTER of the WORLD TRADE CENTER MEXICO is the best place in Mexico City to host a world class international event such as RoboCup.

Designed with a unique combination of characteristics, WORLD TRADE CENTER MEXICO CITY is the most important venue in Mexico. Located in the heart of the city, just a couple of minutes away from the most important commercial, financial, cultural and entertainment centers, WORLD TRADE CENTER MEXICO CITY tends the needs of four million visitors of the 120 exhibitions and more than 900 events hosted annually. More than 20,000 companies benefit every year with the service provided by a group of experienced professionals in looking after the needs of their clients and success in their events.


Exhibitions, conventions, congresses, conferences, luncheons and social events can take place simultaneously, always with the best infrastructure the industry can offer. The INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION AND CONVENTION CENTER WTC MEXICO CITY looks forward to create business opportunities, satisfying their clients with the highest quality standards, with the latest technology, hospitality and service attitude.

The INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION AND CONVENTION CENTER WTC MEXICO CITY has been hosting corporate and business events for fifteen years. It is Mexico’s main venue and its tradition in excellence, international image, facilities and location make it the nerve center of business events in Mexico.

With a total of 1000 m2, its kitchen is the second largest kitchen in Latin America. It has the capacity to cater for 12000 people a day, which is well over the needs of any of the social events that will take place during RoboCup 2012.

The INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION AND CONVENTION CENTER WTC MEXICO CITY currently offers over 21000 m2 of available space distributed among four large exhibition halls, and several small meeting rooms and spacious hallways. During 2011 a new hall (Maya 4) will be ready for use adding more than 5000 m2 to its already sufficient capacity. Table 2 shows the capacity of each of the halls, meeting rooms and hallways in the venue.


The capacity table includes two neighboring areas that are not currently considered in the proposed program, but given their proximity to the venue they would make excellent choices should we decide to add them to the accompanying program. The first of them is the Polyforum Siqueiros, which contains a 900 m2 hall covered by a huge vault. The vault was painted by world renowned muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros. The mural, named “The March of Humanity”, is the largest one in the world. This environment is the setting for a sound and light show narrated in the voice of Siqueiros himself. The forum platform, which has a capacity for 1000, rotates and locates different sections of the mural while the lights, voices and music create an amazing environment.

These rotating movements highlight the “multiple angle theory” applied by Siqueiros, which proves that from any angle, the paintings in the mural appear to have movement.

The second neighboring area we are listing in the capacity table is the Bellini restaurant. Located in the round structure at the top of the WTC office building it is one of the most exclusive restaurants in the city. Not only because as it slowly revolves it offers spectacular views of the city.

We have prepared a preliminary set of floor plans that take into account the presence of the Maya 4 hall. The additional available space has allowed us to include over 4000 m2 of bleachers/viewing space for spectators, plus a very comfortable distribution of work tables, fields and stages. In addition, five lounge areas (covering a total surface of 1200 m2) have been included for participants to take a break without having to leave the competition areas. These floor plans are shown in the “Appendix: Preliminary floor plans and renders” at the end of this document. This set of layouts is one of many possible arrangements. We decided to develop them as an aid in the preparation of the budget plan, and are certainly a good starting point towards defining the final layout.

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